François Ecot

Burgundy, France

Prior to landing in the quiet village of Mailly-le-Chateau in the east of Burgundy, Francois was perhaps best known (at least of us to East-Coast Americans…) as the Francois of Jenny & Francois imports. They were some of the first natural wine importers on the East Coast and to this day have one of our favourite portfolios in the game.  When Jenny & Francois split, Francois took to the hills both literally and figuratively, and decided to use the connections he’d made over the years of importing to begin making wine himself. 

Of his wines we find two camps: those bottled under Francois Ecot L’Insolent proper, and those bottled under the name “L’Insolent Negoce.” Francois works with many of the winemakers formerly in his portfolio and those he met through his travels as an importer to source his fruit, and of these negociant wines we still find Francois’s signature energy, vibrancy, and joie de vivre. 

While wines using his own fruit are still a touch hard to come by, we’re always eager to take any opportunity presented. Naturally the wines sing of their limestone bedrock (topped with granite and clay) and present all the energy and focus of a winemaker hoping to create raw, expressive wines.