Florian & Mathilde Beck-Hartweg

Dambach-la-Ville, Alsace, France

While it’s not uncommon to find multi-generational families in Alsace, the history of the Beck-Hartwegs is a particularly legacied one. Their family can be traced back to 1590 where they were making wine in Dambach-la-Ville, where they still reside today; that’s 14 generations of winemakers. 

It’s within the last three generations that there’s been movement towards organic viticulture, beginning with the subtle shift to self-labelled wines which had more focus on terroir, to the allowance of cover crop within the vineyards, to the embracing of biodiversity, to finally organic certification in 2011. 

The responsibilities of the domaine are entirely shared by the couple, and with Florian’s interest in biodiversity and Mathilde’s interest in zero-zero winemaking, we’ve come to expect wonderful things from this lovely family.

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