Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé

Roussillon, France

Michäel Georget took over a domaine originally belonging to the family run domaine of Mas Rancoure in Laroque des Albères, whose winemaker had tragically died and left the estate more or less frozen in time. Intent on putting to work the biodynamic practices that enticed him at the onset of his career, back in his hometown of Chinon. 

Today Michäel farms about 4.5ha of old, terraced vines and produces wine of profound complexity and intrigue. Special mention is due, of course, to Michäel's two horses, Goliath and Paco, who help in the vineyard work, and the many bees established in apiaries set up around the vineyards by Michäel, which add to the wonderfully diverse ecosystem of the farm.