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Domaine Fauvettes

Uchizy, Burgundy, France

Maryse Chatelain farms her miniscule plot of pinot noir in the village of Uchizy in Macon quietly and with great respect for the nature she feels lucky to have surrounding her vineyard. In Macon, growers have the privilege of space, where to the north, even the most biodiverse of vineyards would still find itself vulnerable to the disastrous side effects of monoculture. The quiet, tree-lined vineyard site is home to a plethora of flora and fauna, Maryse and her husband Alexandre allow nature to run the show in their vines: deer and boar are allowed to roam freely. Tasting in their shared cellar in Uchizy, the two remark that they see the circles of life pass through their vines: they found a newborn fawn with its mother between the rows of vines earlier in the spring. 

The humility and quiet of the farming is echoed in the cellar: whole grapes infuse into pressed juice and are left to ferment in large foudres where they carry out a life cycle of their own until being gently gravity from cask into bottle without fining, filtration, or additions of any kind. 

Maryse’s wines are at once humble and familiar, and on the other hand are deeply elegant and poised. In their youth they express beautifully, and we’re keen to see what some time in bottle might bring to these already joyous wines.