Domaine Des Rouges-Queues

Maranges, Burgundy, France

In the southernmost edge of the Cote d’Or, tucked away from the vast monoculture of Burgundy, we find the young appellation of Maranges where Jean-Yves and Isabel Vantey call home. It’s here that they vinify the fruit from just a few hectares (and are actively decreasing this quantity) of old vines across 15 different sites, spread across various appellations. In what surely feels like another life for these winemakers, they met at a party in Switzerland where Jean-Yves was DJ’ing, and after many years of working for various other vineyards around Burgundy, they gradually began to apply for plots of their own. Little by little vines were acquired and the ethos of the winery began to take shape.

Since 1998 the vines have been farmed organically and without any chemicals, and in 2008 the pair took the leap towards biodynamics, for which they’ve now applied for certified status. Sulfur is used increasingly sparingly, and the wines produced are open, expressive, and always deeply indicative of their proper sites and vintages.