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Domaine Des Ardoisières

Savoie, France

Domaine des Ardoisieres comprises 16 hectares of vines, some of which were first cultivated from now-retired, locally legendary winemaker Michel Grisard of Prieure Saint-Christophe, who had taken a local organisation up on an incentive to reinvigorate the abandoned vines and clos within Cevins. These vineyards required help and maintenance in every aspect, from the stone walls that lined them to the overgrown vines within, to clearing land and planting new vines altogether. In 2003 Michel decided to take on a young vigneron who would carry on his legacy, and chose Brice Omont as his protégé.  

Since 2010 it’s been Brice at the helm of Domaine des Ardoisières, and it’s he thats carried on the legacy put in place by Michel and has seen it grow even more since. With vertiginous vineyard sites set at 400-500 meters elevation, it’s not surprising that here we see real specificity to the microclimates and variety of cover crop. Mica-schists cover the topsoils here and warm quickly in the sun and retain heat well, ensuring full ripening of these sometimes finicky varietals. 

Being the only one to farm in the Cevins region, Brice is at once excluded from the “Vin de Savoie” AOC, but also benefits from not having anybody nearby to disturb the healthy and balanced ecosystems living in his vineyards with harmful chemicals. 

From his entry level, Argile, planted in Saint Pierre de Soucy  (a lower altitude, more basin-like area) to his top cuvée Amethyste, we adore the fiercely individual, precise, and thoughtful winemaking employed by Brice and their reflection of these unique vineyards.