Domaine des 13 Lunes

Savoie, France

Sylvain Liotard and Anne Cadic work biodynamically in their small village, nestled between Apremont and Abymes, nestled in the pre-Alpine region of Chartreuse, in the shadow of Mont Granier. While the mountain itself provides an iconic physical landmark, it’s also, in part, the reason for the AOCs that exist there today. In the early 13th century, a massive landslide buried five villages and claimed many lives, although the number of casualties to this day is still disputed. It also brought down a massive bedrock of limestone which in turn, coated the area and created a densely limestone-rich, alkaline terroir which now produces some of the greatest wines of the Alps. 

In Apremont Sylvain and Anne have committed themselves to biodynamic practices in the vineyard (the name 13 Lunes refers to the special vintages that host 13 full moons in the calendar year) and minimal intervention in the cellar with the goal of producing wines of terroir, approachability and affordability.