Faye d'Anjou, Loire, France

An incredibly hard-working and charming couple who started their careers in Paris before having an epiphanic need to return to the land, Stephanie Debout and Vincent Bertin farm just a few hectares of vines on the schist-dominant soils of Faye d’Anjou. They were working in Paris as engineers but found themselves returning frequently to the Loire for holidays and biking trips and ultimately caught the winemaking bug, going on to work with Mark Angeli, Cyril le Moing, and Francois Chene, to name a few.

Now they own 4 hectares of their own vines, primarily older bush vines, all worked by their Percheron horse Anatole. There is a photo of Stephanie and Anatole on Vinetrail’s (their UK importer’s) website that truly brought me to tears, it is so lovely. 

Their work in the vines is meticulous, with Stephanie and Vincent tending to their own respective parcels so as to keep the closest watchful eye over them as possible. Their vines have low yields and produce fruit of immaculate quality. They look for opportunities to increase their biodiversity and have plans to plant orchards in space nearby their vines.

We’re constantly in awe of these winemakers; such gentle, kind, salt of the earth people who just happen to produce something that we can consume. That’s magic.