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Côme Isambert

Saumur, Loire, France

With an angular face and forgiving smile, Come Isambert seems to exude the approachability of your favourite teacher and a longtime friend in one. So it’s only fitting that he also actually is  a teacher, of organics of course, in the local oenology school in Saumur. It’s only in his free time does he produce his own wines as well as a few negociant wines, which makes for a tight schedule when we figure he also has a beautiful family of his own to spend time with. 

Come produces wine from a former mushroom cave nestled just under a chateau in Saumur, which he rents without cost (the owner would rather him produce wine out of it than to leave it empty and susceptible to break-ins from what a Scooby Doo-type villain might call “meddling kids”). 

Regardless of the rather humble origins of these wines, we’re always wonderfully surprised by the depth, power, concentration, and downright quality of wines that Come produces. Perhaps it's a side effect of being a generally decent, kind, and unproblematic person. He turns out wines of immense character, sense of place, and often a gentle playfulness that brings a bit of joy back to the trade. 

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for some less-than-conventional combinations Come is now in the habit of producing, as he’s started purchasing orchard fruits from Normandy to produce ciders, fruit ciders, wine ciders, or some combination of all of those things. Evidently there’s talk of carrots being thrown into that mix in the future. Whatever happens, we know to expect great things from Come.

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