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Clement Baraut

Savennières, Loire, France

A winemaker who’s studied and worked alongside the greats, and should himself be held in the same regard as many of his more recognised Savennieres and Anjou counterparts. While he got his start predominantly in oenology, his time spent with the likes of Angeli and more notably Nicolas Joly turned his attention to the vineyard. Unsurprisingly, he followed a path of biodynamic studies and when he acquired 2 hectares of his own, he implemented these practices there. Since, he’s continued to consult and teach in the fields of winemaking, but has also helped many in the appellation convert to organic and biodynamic farming, and as such has become a pillar of the community there.  

Clement produces wines that for me mirror a dream-like state; there’s a certain stillness, a certain emptiness to them that creates space for anything and everything. They are pure wines that channel their terroir, almost shockingly so, and in doing so are some of our favourite wines and those which we find the most meditative in the shop.

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