Cascina Iuli

Piedmont, Italy

Here reads one of those idyllic wine stories. Fabrizio luli’s grandfather planted a small amount of barbera in the fields behind the family restaurant in Piedmont. Purely home consumption, the wine soon founds its way into the restaurant and as a result the 'house' wine was born, and so too was Cascina Iuli. Fabrizio took it upon himself years later to commercialise the family wine beyond its restaurant setting by selling elsewhere, and with the proceeds he purchased and planted more vineyards.

They have been organically certified for many years but really the practices of caring for plants and animals have been a deeply held tradition within the tiny and somewhat secluded village of Montaldo for as long as Fabrizio’s father can remember. A place where a natural way of life becomes tradition and people are in rhythm with their surroundings.

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