Bret Brothers

Mâcon-Villages, Burgundy, France

The Bret Brothers (Jean-Philippe & Jean-Guillaume) took over their family's domaine, La Soufrandière, in 2000 when they moved the fruit harvested from vines their grandfather purchased in 1947 out of the cooperative and into organic and biodynamic conversion. The two brothers are a charismatic sort, full of ideas and heaving with determination and "can-do" attitudes. While they tend to their own vines under biodynamic principles (and bottled under the name La Soufrandière) they also take up a number of négociant cuvées, bottled under the Bret Brothers label. Fruit for these wines come from organic or organic-conversion sites only, and the Bret Brothers take a lot of care to have the utmost transparency about farming and winemaking practices with these wines. Their enthusiasm for terroir and winemaking translates in their wines, always joyous, precise, and a pleasure to drink.