Sébastien & Emeline Bobinet

Saumur, Loire, France

From their immense, cavernous cellar and chai carved straight into the chalky white tuffeau of the Coteau de Saumur, Sebastien and Emeline make wine of tradition, injected with the energy of young, dynamic winemakers.

While Sebastien came from a winemaking family hailing from Saumur, Emeline came to winemaking after leaving her career as a dancer in lieu of life as a sommelier. After spending time in the trade, like most of us she felt the itch to get out of the city and into the vines, and spent a year traveling around France to visit producers and better understand their land and their wines. It was during this time that she met Sebastien and her role pivoted again, from wine merchant to vigneronne.

In 2002 the couple took over just 1.5ha of cabernet franc vines and .3ha of chenin blanc vines formerly belonging to Sebastien’s maternal grandparents and began their work in the land and in the cellar. Today they’ve added on another 2ha of pineau d’aunis, gamay, cot, and some more cabernet franc. They’ve also, under the tutelage of fellow winemaker Bernard Pontonnier, implemented carbonic macerations in the cellar. 

The wines produced by the Bobinets cover a broad breadth of styles, from the glou-glou, juicy, fun and fearless to the wonderfully meditative and powerfully rooted in family history. Regardless of the style, a wonderful minerality, energy and sense of place underpins each of the cuvees and defines the wines.