Wines on Tap at Noble HQ


Did you know that we have taps here at Noble? While they’ve languished in obscurity for years now, neglected since the days when we cared about beer, they’ve now been granted a new lease on life as wine taps.

So why bother, after all this time, to give up our de facto towel rail in lieu of serving wine from kegs?  And why will we be using straight up goon bags, filled to order, rather than the traditional glass bouteille? 

Well, for the one person that’s still reading, let’s get into it.


Environmental Impact

These cheeky little goon bags of ours are light as hell, and therefore greatly reduce the carbon footprint involved in shipping them compared to the space, gas, and energy used to ship glass. We’re also happily taking back the pouches for you to reuse as you’d like, or if you’d prefer, for us to recycle them for you through First Mile’s flexible plastics recycling scheme.


Getting wine from key kegs means that the wines poured from our taps stay incredibly fresh — none of that day-3, slightly funky, forgot about it in the fridge nonsense. 


Reducing the cost of glass, cork, pallet space, and shipping means that what goes into our goon bags comes at the lowest cost possible. While these aren’t necessarily price competitive with Tesco’s finest, we’ve curated these wines to be immense quality for the price they’re at.


So there we have it, folks. Sam wrote the original content for this post, and I’d be doing us all a disservice if I allowed myself to chop and screw the editing so much as to deprive you of some of his truly stunning copy. So, please, do enjoy a few words on our current selections from your favourite wine shop elder...

"These will be the park gluggers that we and you want them to be. It's wine from a tap after all. But we don’t want to offer only those types of wines that just slide down your gullet like a pelican feeding. Instead we'll aim to pepper the selection with a more focused choice. One that will have you all giddy and quietly remarking to yourself how clever you are that this young Chenin chardonnay blend perfectly matches the “taste the difference” salmon pate you picked up at Sainsbury’s."

I mean, what more is there to say. Come by the shop, grab yourself a goon bag and have yourself a time. For now, these are available only in-store and for local delivery (gotta keep that ish fresh).

*Goon Bag: A one litre capacity pouch with a screw cap enclosure.

 Sam & Nathalie (A collaborative effort, for better or worse)