Noble Fine Liquor 2.0 is Live!


Under construction is no more. The Noble website of old has had a fresh lick of paint and we're incredibly proud to unveil it. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. Rather, we focused on producing a content-led site, deftly managed with some beautiful design work. Not fancy, not showboating, not reliant on animation- just working towards honestly representing the winemakers and producers we love, in an industry and community we respect.

We’ve learned a lot through the process. We’ve had help from a few folks far more clever than we, teaching us how to navigate through this strange new world of web design and interface. Massive thanks to Tegan Hendel, designer and creative spirit behind much of what is good and glorious across the group, and Richard Cool, the architect who brought our shared vision to life and put up with our incessant questions and adjustments with grace, patience, and humour.

We know that wine can be an intimidating subject, no getting around it. Snobbishness is in decline but still present. And so it felt relevant to us to play a small part in trying to dispel some of that intimidation. Our aim is, and always has been, to offer non- judgmental, easy to digest resources for understanding terms that arise in conversations around wine, either in store or at the table.

Our Wine Glossary is an ongoing project that we feel proud to share, although we are by no means the final word in education and are ourselves in a perpetual rhythm of learning. Our Producers A-Z page dives a little deeper into all the winemakers, producers and domaines that we stock. Natural wine is, after all, a deeply human endeavour: it’s only right to highlight those people behind those many great bottles. Our Journal makes a safe space for us to chat freely, being a group of opinionated individuals as we are. There you’ll find the musings of the Noble staff on all things wine, food, industry, and life.

So here we are, Noble 2.0. The same but different. A little shinier. A little sleeker. But underneath the hood, the same hardworking (slightly weather-worn) passionate people eager to share thoughts on wine, winemakers, and the nearly infinite number of ways to celebrate them.

— Sam