Fall Favourites: Chilled Red Wines


There's no shortage of reasons why we love chilled red wines. They're satisfying in this unexpected way, a little shiver of cold hits your palate and the profile opens up to fruit, spice, herbs, tannin.

Drinking a chilled red also grants you the added experience of trying it at a variety of temperatures, and seeing where it fits best. Some wines love that little cool-down, sitting nicely on the palate and sharpening up fruit character. Others not so much - tannins may feel more aggressive, more angular, or taught. For these wines we love to let them come up to room temperature as we drink them, allowing those tannins to soften and integrate into the wine.

Below is a little compilation of some of our absolute favourites to pull from the fridge and drink, wines that sing when at a lower temperature and lean towards that ideal chilled-red style: juicy, light, and a little crunchy.