Domaine Rousset Peyraguey
Crème de Tête , 2005

Grower: Domaine Rousset Peyraguey
Region: Sauternes, France
Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc (5%), Semillon (90%), Muscadelle (5%)
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Size: Half

Seven plots of land around village of Barsac. Domain is 3.3 hectares in total and is managed in accordance with biodynamic principles (certified as such). They do not de-bud or green harvest and the harvest is by hand. Once the grapes arrive at the Cave: No de stemming. Must not settled / racked post pressing but put straight into barrels for fermentation. Ferment carried out using native yeasts and can last from one month to two years in length. The wine is then aged in 99 year old accacia barrels for up to five years, with racking taking place four to five times every year.

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