The Rhone Valley

One of France's most storied wine regions, the Rhone still offers up relative bargins when looked at in the shadows of Burgundy or Bordeaux. The region is still full of passionate, old-school vignerons tending steep slopes and making wines that drink as if there were from another age.

The Valley can essentially be split in two, with the north holding big ticket villages like Cornas, Hermitage and Cote-Rotie and the famous wines made from the Syrah grape. The south is full of more humble, Grenache dominated blends and is also home to the famed Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Wines made around the fringes, perhaps from the Ardeche or just outside the famous crus, are often bottled under vin de table or Cotes du Rhone labels and to us represent some of the best values in France today.

Bernard Faurie, Bessards/Meal, 2008, Hermitage, Rhone
Bernard Faurie
Bessards/Meal, 2008
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Domaine de la Grande Colline, VDF Rouge ‘Le Canon’, 2015, Rhone
Domaine de la Grande Colline
VDF Rouge ‘Le Canon’, 2015
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Domaine du Coulet, Brise Cailloux, 2013, Cornas, Rhone
Domaine du Coulet
Brise Cailloux, 2013
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Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues , Cuvee Les Galets, 2015, Southern Rhone, Rhone
Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues
Cuvee Les Galets, 2015
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Pierre Gonon, St Joseph Les Oliviers Blanc, 2012, St Joseph, Rhone
Pierre Gonon
St Joseph Les Oliviers Blanc, 2012
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Pierre Gonon, St. Joseph Rouge, 2013, Rhone
Pierre Gonon
St. Joseph Rouge, 2013
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Romaneaux-Destezet , Les Cessieux, 2014, Saint Joseph, Rhone
Les Cessieux, 2014
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Stephane Otheguy, Côte Rotie, 2009, Rhone
Stephane Otheguy
Côte Rotie, 2009
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